Cloud Resume Challenge Step 6 – DNS

This step requires me to point a domain name to the load balancer endpoint that we created in the last step. The Domain Name Service (DNS) is the phonebook of the internet. It allows for person-friendly domain names to be translated, and traffic routed towards, the actual name of an online resource: its IP address. … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge Step 4 – Static Website

In this step of the challenge, I’m required to host the newly minted resume online, specifically by using Google Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage doesn’t keep data in a file & folder hierarchy (ie file storage), or as chunks on a disk (block storage.) Rather, data is stored as objects in a packaged format, whereby the … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge Step 2 – HTML

We’re looking this time at step 2 of the Cloud Resume Challenge: HTML. As I mentioned in my intro post, I’ve been making websites for a long time and I’m pretty comfortable and familiar with HTML. I’ve never used it to build a resume though so let’s see how we do! For the uninitiated, HTML … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge Intro – The Challenge

Hey, I’m Chris and I’m learning Google Cloud Platform. Most of my career has been spent as an online advertising specialist, mainly involving the Google Ads (fka AdWords) platform and the related measurement and tracking systems. I spent the last 11 years working at Google, helping large agency & client partners get the most out … Read more