Templating GCP Infrastructure With Terraform Modules

As I mentioned in my Cloud Resume Challenge post about IaC, one of the great things about Terraform code is its reusability. There are countless ways to architect and configure your cloud environment but chances are that you’ll spend a lot of time reusing the same essential building blocks. By separating your Terraform files out … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge – Summary, Learnings & Next Steps

For the past few weeks I’ve been working to complete the Cloud Resume Challenge. The challenge is intended for people (such as myself) who are looking to move into a more technical role in Cloud specifically, and have technical skills but not the most techie of CVs! The challenge outlines a number of technologies and … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge, Step 14 & 15, CI/CD

I’m nearly on the home stretch of the Cloud Resume Challenge! In this penultimate step (technically two steps but I’ll discuss them at the same time here), you’re required to set up CI/CD pipelines for your front and back ends, such that when commits are pushed to GitHub, your code is tested and – following … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge – Step 13, Source Control

This step of the Cloud Resume Challenge requires that you maintain and version your code using some form of Source Control. I’ve actually been doing this all along but it’s technically step 13 so I’ve held off talking about it until now 🙂 Like most people, I’m using Git. Technically other Source Control tools are … Read more

Cloud Resume Challenge – Step 12, Infrastructure As Code

This next step in the project concerns Infrastructure As Code (IaC.) One of the great benefits of a virtualised and entirely remote platform such as GCP is that, since all the resources on which your infrastructure depends can be created and modified with individual commands, these commands can also be represented as code. This means … Read more